Innovative Treatments to Combat Prostate Hyperplasia.

When a man receives a diagnosis of Benign Prostate Hyperplasia (BPH) and surgery is the best option to solve the problem, his goal is to return to normal and reduce or eliminate symptoms with the lowest possible risk. However, most patients are very concerned that the surgery will cause incontinence, and one of the biggest fears is that it will have a permanent impact on their sexual function.

Preservation is one of the great advantages of surgery with the Aquabeam robotic system. This innovative surgical technique for benign prostatic hyperplasia provides significant long-term symptom relief and has high patient satisfaction rates. As confirmed by several clinical studies carried out on men who underwent surgery with this technology, 99% of men did not present urinary incontinence and had no impact on their erectile function, in addition to maintaining their ejaculatory function.

One of the great qualities that the surgeon most appreciates about the Aquabeam System is its great precision and millimetric accuracy, which reduces the margin of human “error” to a minimum. Likewise, the type of energy used (water at room temperature) means that no thermal damage occurs to nearby structures. Therefore, functional results are achieved that provide a rapid improvement in urinary symptoms and a speedy recovery. Furthermore, this treatment can be applied to any type of prostate, regardless of its size. In fact, it can be performed on large prostates.

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